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You went to law school, why do you need a PR coach? Put simply, you probably talk over people’s heads. Though surely you know your case law inside and out, and have studied every relevant trial and read every brief and precedent, boiling it down is a separate skill set. The one thing you probably haven’t practiced in earnest is developing key messaging, navigating audience personas, and executing extensive persuasion and framing techniques. You’re an expert in law; we’re experts in people.

Attorney Communications Coaching

Attorneys have a rough go. Not only do you have to compile a compelling case, but you also have to convince people outside of the system you’ve done justice, regardless of the side you argue. As a Philadelphia attorney coach in the area of communication, we’ll work with you to help craft arguments that can be easily understood and recalled, develop persuasive messages to help influence public opinion, and work with you to tighten opening and closing remarks so that they are impactful and convey your case fully.

[Trust] The Process:

Philly puns aside, there’s a method to developing these skills. The time to season and test this niche skill set is not on your first solo case or in with clients. To begin the training, we’ll have an initial call or meeting to establish your goals and timelines. We’ll assess your initial comfort level communicating complex ideas, and identify areas of weakness. From there, we’ll set up a project schedule and work one-on-one to fine tune persuasion tactics and message development. You’ll learn to balance facts, empathy, and reframed questions to keep your points clear and your audience focused around your ideas. You’ll give us some actual case material to work with and we’ll test run scenarios to see where you can improve your messaging. Public relations and communications coaching for attorneys is as much about learning how to leverage your own communication style and personality to your advantage as it is honing tried and true tactics to build credibility. We’ll help you unlock both.

This training series is ideal for junior/associate counsel and attorneys, legal fellows, and anyone looking to ensure their audience understands them.

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