Social Media Consulting Services

Reach new audiences and engage the ones you’re connected with already. It’s a crowded market and the conflicting demands of what “performs” can feel arbitrary and subjective. We’ll work together to the assess the options, channels, messaging, and goals of the business to define a content strategy, test our assumptions, and deliver an effective consumer touchpoint.

Social Media Content & Strategy

Great social media takes more than just interesting content. It requires that you understand your audience’s persona and can tailor messaging to meet their interests and needs. Social media that drives results like event attendance, purchases, and consumer engagement is based in data first and foremost. We help you unpack your analytics to understand what your consumers want, and help you craft the best type of content to reach them. Whether you want a social media strategy to execute in-house, or end-to-end social management, we’re equipped to help you deliver a channel that engages current consumers, and helps you acquire new ones.

Channels We Manage:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • LinkedIn

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